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About ArtNoy

ArtNoy tokens are Equity tokens registrate in the security of the USA.
Equity tokens are a new brand of tokens. they are Better, Safer and more Profitable, especially when it registrate in the United States securities!
The profit of ArtNoy corp will use to purchase the ArtNoy tokens as substitute for the dividends. No distribute of dividends profits or bonuses to director or shareholder!

ArtNoy corp, Moderate expectation revenue in the second year is estimated 4,500,000 US $ and up. based on 0.0001% of the annual turnover of 45,000,000,000.00 US dollar. Based on The european fine art foundation.

With ArtNoy Be Part of annual ART turnover of 45,000,000,000 US dollar. ArtNoy is the ART social media of the art world. ArtNoy going to do worldwide registrate of Art as a proof of ownership and contribute to limit the fraud.


ArtNoy can do All the investment process for you call or text


Invest in ArtNoy tokens Direct ETH investment


Our Team

Our team is the real hard work people who do the job and obligate to the successful of ArtNoy project.

Saar Shalom - photo

Saar Shalom

CEO & Co-founder
Saar Shalom is the CEO & Co-founder Shalom is a mixed reality industry expert.He has deep understanding of technology and the market. He also worked as Department manager of High tech company and Defense organization in the state of Israel. Saar is motivated to donate, work, and develop business relations in emerging economies across the globe. Saar overall mission is to foster art activities worldwide through technology, hard work along with economically independent individuals and corporations who recognize the importance of engaging and improving their local communities across the world. Saar has outstanding entrepreneurial , project management and technical skills with creativity and motivation. Possessing the ability to work at several different strategic levels, Saar has exceptional interpersonal and negotiation skills.
Saar Rakefet - photo

Saar Rakefet

Saar Rakefet is the Co-founder of By profession Rakefet worked as Vice President in the development of Business. Rakefet has strong expertise in the field of global learning and development. She studied Economics and Business administration On a free basis which helped her to enhance her entrepreneur skills in more depth way. Rakefet study and also experience in recruiting men personal and evaluate their quality and trueness. This quality of her helped to identify right person for the right job so that quality work can be delivered with perfect resource. Rakefet is motivated by personal growth, as passion for working and networking with people and a strong desire to make positive impact on community at large.
Bobir Svetlana - photo

Bobir Svetlana

Accounting and business
Russia University of Cooperation. accounting and business analysis. Now she is a student of KNUTD. Pharmaceutical Industry
Oluwatobi Oso - photo

Oluwatobi Oso

Writer and Editor
Experience in copywriting, editing, SEO,and business, marketing, cryptocurrencies. Seven years writing experience.
Glib Pakharenko - photo

Glib Pakharenko

Penetration tester, IT auditor, GRC professional
Planning and delivery of complex IT security solutions for the various industries, including telecom, financial services, public and media sectors.
Alexandr Radchuk - photo

Alexandr Radchuk

Smart contracts developer
Senior JavaScript Developer, System Architect 6 years of experience in developing and supporting web-solutions for business.
Roman Holovay - photo

Roman Holovay

Senior Blockchain Developer ICO Expert
Cryptocurrency development, ICO technical consulting, smart contract security auditing, blockchain consulting.
Ruslan V. - photo

Ruslan V.

Frontend, Solidity
Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Expirience design. As developer (2+ years): Solidity (Smart contracts); Truffle framework; Remix IDE; Java EE; Spring; JavaScript.
Sergii Z. - photo

Sergii Z.

Java Developer
Development Sightseeing Android app, other ICOkit sale tokens with Blockchain technology.
Mikhail P. - photo

Mikhail P.

Web developer
Makes good user interfaces and really loves to do it. Vue.js, React.js, D3.js. SASS-styling.
Roman K. - photo

Roman K.

Frontend Developer
Enthusiastic Front-End developer. Keeps a finger on the pulse of IT-sphere and not be afraid to learn something new every day.
Ulia Opolskaja - photo

Ulia Opolskaja

Graphic designer
Specialize in design, branding, product design. have higher education in the field of graphic design.
Kumar Abhishek - photo

Kumar Abhishek

Crypto SMM and Financial Growth Manager
FB,Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest marketing expert. Solid 5 years of experience in the field of managing Bitcointalk, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and are my fields of expertise.